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Posted: January 21st, 2022

You are a therapist


i want you to respond to his statement ( like you are a therapist and he is your client)

Make sure the sentence capture the most important points and avoid giving advice, none judgement

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You are a therapist
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6-7 to sentences

This is Mark (he’s seen you due to conflict he’s having with his wife this clip is from his first session)

Mark’s statement ” so half a year ago I got a little accident to drop my foot and I cannot really go to work anymore because I’m a construction worker you got to use your feet right so what happened is I was on disability, I just set around and slept in the basement and then I go upstairs to the room, I see my wife stays in her comfortable bed but I go to my comfortable sofa which is perfect to me, watching TV all day long, my feet start healing up not the point that to do something, but she thinks and told me that hey Mark you can go back to work but for me, I don’t want to get injured again because I will be offered the 6 months.Explanation & Answer: 6 SentencesTags: 

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