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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Yanomamos Society & Modern Civilization

GCC Yanomamos Society & Modern Civilization Discussion

Q1. Why the Yanomamos did not develop modern civilization? Provide reasons and evidences you learned from notes (social stratification, human development stages, consistency model,fulfillment model, darwinism,culture etc.)

(Hint: isolation is not a reason because Japan and Iceland etc. were surrounded by water and yet developed modern civilization).

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Yanomamos Society & Modern Civilization
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You could write one single spaced page for Q1.

Q2. Which one of the Conflict, Functionalist, Interactionist theories can be applied to Yanomamo Society?

Provide reasons from notes, and videos to support your arguments.

For the two theories that cannot be applied, you need to provide reasons and evidences as well. No outside sources and reference are needed.

You could write 2 single spaced pages for

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