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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Educational goal


Submit Part 1 – The Paper in this assignment area: 

Below are sections that will create your Final Paper.   Please answer each section in paragraph form (at least 1 page per section).    

Final Paper & Presentation:

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Educational goal
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SECTION ONE: EDUCATIONAL/CAREER GOALS- include short and long-term goals.

What is your educational goal (Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate Degree, etc.)?

What university/universities will you transfer to after Barstow college?

How are you going to fund your educational expenses? Are you going to be involved in extracurricular activity/athletics?

What is your career goal? Where do you want to work? Where do you want to live?


Have you thought about any new careers or our you still thinking about the same ones?

What are your strengths and values, according to the various self-assessments we have used in this course? Describe how they relate to your educational and career goals?


Describe at least three strategies/techniques you have learned or strengthened in this course. Describe how they are implemented in your education/life? These techniques can be time management, communication skills, or cultural competency. 

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