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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Week 8 Rationalization of Modern Life Essay

University of Massachusetts Amherst Week 8 Rationalization of Modern Life Essay


MAX WEBER (1864-1920)

Rationalization of Modern Life

  • • The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism [1905]
    • o Introduction by Anthony Giddens and the Author’s Introduction
    • o Ch 1-3 Breaking it down:
      • What does Weber mean by rationalization and by modern Western Bourgeois Capitalism [Introduction]
      • What is the spirit of capitalism? [Ch 1-2]
      • What is the Protestant Ethic? The difference between Luther and Calvin? [Ch 3-4]
      • What is the connection between the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism? What is the difference between the origins of the Capitalist DOL and its reproduction? [Ch 5]

As discussion leaders

1) Create a handout. The handout should be a “study guide” that will help classmates prepare for exams and our class discussion.
(2) Prepare a ppt presentation on one or more key concepts in this reading. You cannot cover everything, but you can offer us a coherent angle on the readings.

**topics or questions arising from the week’s reading. You might pull out specific passages to comment on or pull out what you see as a key concept, idea, or argument from the reading.

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(3) Offer the group 4-7 discussion questions.

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