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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Victimless crimes

Description – Victimless crimes

write about the important issue of legalization of “victimless crimes.” Some criminologists argue that organized crime would disappear if we legalized “goods and services” that some people really want but that are illegal.

This includes legalization of some or all drugs, prostitution, illegal forms of gambling, loansharking, etc.

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Victimless crimes
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I’d like you to go over what people argue would be the:

1) pros and

2) cons for legalization.

You should thoroughly show arguments for both sides, and you can either stay neutral or share in the conclusion which side is more compelling to you and why.

In the main part of the paper, though, be fair to each side. As usual, getting links/sources to back up your points is not required, but sources generally strengthen arguments.

The textbook is a good resource for giving historical examples of what happens when the government either criminalizes or legalizes “victimless crimes.”

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