Posted: June 22nd, 2022

Tourism Impacts : Planning And Management


Discuss the Tourism Impacts for Planning and Management.


Global tourism is growing rapidly. According to statistics from 2015 (, there has been an increase, particularly in developed countries.

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Tourism Impacts : Planning And Management
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It is essential that all stakeholders are able to better measure the impact of tourism and make it more transparent.

Leaning on the sector’s impact across the entire chain, including policy formulation, business operations and program interventions, will enable stakeholders and customers alike to efficiently manage sustainability and growth.

Mason (2015). Growth Development-Growth must be managed effectively to maximize benefit.

The positives of the tourism sector’s growth can be minimized if it is managed well.

Planning and managing the tourism sector requires constant planning.

According to the World Bank (2015), planning and managing should continue to be of interest to customers, workers and stakeholders.

The local community will benefit from new facilities.

These infrastructures can be opened up for development if they are managed better.

This process of planning, management and analysis is important for the World Bank Group, its clients, and our partners in development.

Equitable distribution of wealth-Stakeholders have an obligation to ensure extreme poverty is eliminated through shared resources.

Theobald (2012) suggests that national governments and state agency should be involved in shaping future plans and development strategies.

This funding can be made across all tourism sectors.

Tourism resources can also be used to help educate the public about the role of tourism in the development of a country.

Then, it will be possible to care for natural resources like wildlife.

In opening up new areas of tourism, the lack of consistent quality data has been a significant hindrance.

Organizations who want to measure tourism’s impact must be able to gather and analyze data for a reasonable time.

This will enable stakeholders to develop positive management procedures for improving service delivery.

The right medium for communicating with the right audience-There are many organizations in the sector that have different audiences.

The lack of control over the tourism sector may result in a problem in terms of channel communication.

The absence of a common understanding of what is happening can be a significant test. It could indicate that there is no support.

This is made worse by the fact that there is an inordinate amount of vocabulary used by different offices than what is used by the private sector.

Workers and stakeholders should attempt to learn different foreign languages in order to minimize the language breakdown of tourists from non-speaking countries.

SME are major contributors to the income of the tourism sector. SME have been responsible for more than 90% of all business sector revenue in developed countries, such as Australia, Canada, USA and Australia.

Tourism sector has faced major challenges in terms of cost and delivery time. This is why planning is so important.


Peter Mason, 2015 Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management

William F. Theobald (2012), Global Tourism, Routledge Publishing.

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