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Posted: January 9th, 2022

The US fertility rate


Select four countries – one from the Americas (North or South!), one from Europe, one from Asia, and one from Africa.  The United States is posted at the top for reference.  All information can be found at the CIA factbook, with specific pages linked in the header rows.  

CountryPopulationFertility RateDeath Rate Median Age  Sex Ratio Male to Female (Total)United States 334,998,3981.84 8.35 38.50.97 males/ 1 female

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The US fertility rate
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Considering continents are social constructs, if you have any questions about what continent a country is on, just email me! 

After filling in your data table, write a few paragraphs of summary explaining the following:

What trends or patterns did you see in the countries you selected?  

Then, select any one of the cells in your table (not including the US row) and locate a recent news article explaining the causes of that point of information.  

 For example:

 According to the Pew Research Center, the US fertility rate has been falling since the 60’s.  Currently the estimated Total Fertility Rate is 1.84 children per woman, which is below replacement rate.  Some of the causes include an increase in education for women and general trends in delayed marriage.  The Great Recession is also considered a potential cause, as people are less willing to bring new life in times of economic uncertainty.  (12.)

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