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Posted: January 9th, 2022

The expression of masculinity


Please choose two of the following questions and answer each one in an essay . (You may write substantially more if you wish.) Your essay must be written in paragraphs, not one long blurb. You should show specific knowledge of and analysis and reflection on the course materials, including the Rios book and the Harper High podcast in your answers.

1. Why do you believe some of the kids at Harper High revere Terrence Green to such a great degree? Go beyond the obvious factors discussed in the documentary, and show a knowledge of the social/economic/cultural conditions faced by these students and similarly-positioned adolescents (such as some of those discussed by Rios), in your answer.

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The expression of masculinity
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2. Compare and contrast the expression of masculinity by the subjects in the Harper High podcast and Rios’ book. Why do you believe that masculinity is so important to the identities of some of these adolescents? Base your understanding on what you know about the social/cultural/economic conditions these subjects face. You may additionally compare/contrast this to the expression of masculinity among UWW students if you wish.

3. We said in the course that residents of highly disadvantaged urban areas often face a triple whammy of exposure to excessive policing, incarceration, and violent crime. Discuss, with as much specificity as possible, ways in which these residents may be affected by this exposure, even when they are not directly involved with the system as victims or offenders.

4. Write your own question about Rios’ book and the Harper High podcast and answer it. Make sure your question allows you to display substantial analysis of and reflection upon these sources in your answer.

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