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Posted: December 30th, 2021

SU Sociology Rosa Parks Presentation

SU Sociology Rosa Parks Presentation

The contributions of people of color in the history of American social welfare are inadequately presented. Students will identify an individual who has significantly contributed to social welfare and present information on the individual

The video presentation can be completed in PowerPoint, Prezi, or another platform. The video presentation should be creative and engaging with multimedia (e.g. photos, short video clips) with few words written on the slides. The video should be less than 7 minutes (but a minimum of 5 minutes).

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SU Sociology Rosa Parks Presentation
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In this professional presentation, students are expected to address:

1) the era in which the contribution was made and a brief background of the individual,

2) specific contributions made by the individual, and

3) the impact on the lives of marginalized individuals and society as a whole.

Students will incorporate course material as well as at least 3 outside references (The references should be listed on the back).

Because the contributions of these individuals are sometimes minimized, overlooked, and in some cases, ignored, there may be limited information. It is the learner’s responsibility to be aware of the amount of information prior to selection.

Use PowerPoint and write an overview so I can do presentations

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