Posted: June 23rd, 2022

SOCU1016 Culture And Business Practices In Asia


Discuss the Kaizen Strategy and Drive for Competition.


Kaizen, in Japanese culture, means “change for the better”.

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SOCU1016 Culture And Business Practices In Asia
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We have discovered that working in Japan can allow you to learn how to use simple tools and complex tools.

Working for a Japanese company like Toyota is a great opportunity. You can have 3 locations and get valuable training in job development.

Kaizen culture (Liker and al. 2011) is a way to promote this.

Some of my Toyota projects include Toyota way 2001, the Toyota Business Practice, as well as the Operation Management Development division of Toyota International TPS Group.

With my experience at Toyota, I was hired by the Kentucky plant in 1990 as the Development coach.

I was responsible for teaching employees how to improve skills.

This was a new position for me but I didn’t hesitate to accept it.

Training was needed to help people develop into leadership positions (Liker and al. 2011).

Gemba is an important Japanese approach.

It means “where work is done” and I have come to see my weakness and strengths in the workplace through this approach.

I also learned a lot from working in Japan through Kaizen. This is a strict approach to developing my abilities that is different from western countries, where people are obligated to their jobs (Liker et al. 2011, 2011).


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The Toyota way of lean leadership: Leadership development is key to achieving and maintaining excellence.

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