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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Sociology Feminism & Masculinity

GCCC Sociology Feminism & Masculinity Discussion


Once you make an initial post, think about some of these questions.  Use your ongoing sociological knowledge and language.

What surprised you about masculinity, power, and privilege, in the way learning about feminism did? Use examples.

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Sociology Feminism & Masculinity
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What roles do men with privilege play is oppressing non dominant groups?

Just like stereotypes about feminism, hegemonic masculinity highlight many myths and assumptions about all men. What are they and use examples? 

Who benefits from so-called toxic masculinity… be careful, trick question.

If not all men are created equal, then as a society what are some institutional, structural and systemic solutions to a more just and feminist masculinity?

You must show me you did all the assigned work with many different topics and posts. Also work to help others understand and think sociologically. Its all about connecting the dots and what you learn each week.

Grading will be as follows:

Students must post one meaningful sociological post by Monday at 11 pm or automatically lose one point!

Student’s ability to make comments that are thoughtful and related to the weekly readings, and/ or films, websites, and posted questions.Student’s ability to make contributions that are sociological in nature.

Student’s ability to actively engage in an ongoing conversation about the material. This requires checking in over the course of a discussion forum several times a week.

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