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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Sociological theories


Analyze the Palestine and Israel conflict and use whatever theorist(s) they want to explain how these theories/theorists you would help their approach to studying the topic. You will provide a short explanations on how you might use one or more methods in combination with the theories to propose a research hypothesis. Use and apply sociological theories along with a scientific inquiry to pitch what amounts to a short abstract for a theoretical research paper. You can use any theorists you like, and whatever terms to analysis your paper topic.

Just remember 3/4ths of the paper must include sociology (terms, definitions, explanations of terms, etc). It is not meant to be a socio-historical analysis paper but a critique of the current conditions/situations using sociological theories to critique it. So I would narrow your focus to perhaps a few current problems in this conflict and not provide an expansive history.

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Sociological theories
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There is grave concern that the new Israeli President is much more hawkish but also more slick. The last Israeli President was incredibly corrupt and had a tendency to saw outrageous things that angered Russia, Iran, and the Saudis among a few. Here are a few other issues that are prominent right now: 1) Permanent settlement and the two state solution (which the Republicans were against as well as conservative Israeli politicians and some conservative Palestinian ones too), defining borders, The separation wall, settlement expansions, Jerusalem being recognized as the Israeli capital by Trump (Biden has not done anything to tun back this declaration), Palestine Refugees, land rights and land take over, Security, and Water.

Theorists to reference: Karl Marx, Max Weber, Durkheim, Simmel, Goffman, George Mead.

It is super important to remember that 3/4ths of the paper must include Socilogical terms, definitions, and explanations.

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