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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Social sciences


Critical thinking is a practice aimed at logically evaluating arguments based on evidence. It is exactly what social scientists, and sociologists more specifically, do when they engage in the research process.

But it is not always clear what constitutes “good” critical thinking and how students, scholars, and everyday folks alike can engage in the fullest critical thinking.

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Social sciences
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A key element of working in the social sciences is communicating your knowledge and insights to others, which is often done through written communication.

The video above gives a brief overview of a reflection essay, which is the goal of this assignment. A more detailed tutorial is available in the resources section below and explains in detail how to tackle this type of writing assignment–consider it a must-watch!

You are a writer for Thinking About Thinking, a website focused on critical thinking and issues in social research. As their content expert on critical thinking, your editor has asked you to read and reflect on the latest book, Is That True? by Joel Best.

They want you to create an APA-style reflection essay describing the main ideas in the book, relating and analyzing the main ideas in light of your personal experience, course content, and/or current events/issues, and reflecting on how your beliefs and/or behaviors have been affected by the book. 38 attachmentsSlide 1 of 38

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