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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Social Program Development, Oversight and Evaluation

HUSS355 – Social Program Development, Oversight and Evaluation

Week 5 – Presentation

This Assessment is worth 15% of your grade.


Due by the end of Week 5 at 11:59 pm, ET.

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Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:

Course Outcome

  • Identify and analyze the principles and skills in financial management of the administrative aspects of human and social services delivery system.


This week you will create a PowerPoint with voiceover presentation in which you identify, explain, and analyze some of the important aspects of finance and funding for programs in the field of human and social services.

As you work on your presentation, imagine you are employed as a Human Services Specialist for your state’s Department of Children and Families (or a similar agency).  As part of your job, you conduct interviews and in-person observations of programs and services to identify possible areas for improvement.  You also help to prepare materials and train other employees on procedure and protocol.  Finally, you develop new programs based on identified gaps and the needs of the members of your community.  In some of your work, recently, you have realized that many other employees are unaware of the intricacies of funding human and social services programs and thus may not be taking full advantage of some of the possible options to financially support their programs or they may be mismanaging money allocated to their program(s).  As a result, you have decided to create a PowerPoint with voiceover presentation to brief the employees in your office.

Your presentation should be at least 10 slides total (including your title, introduction, conclusion, and reference slides). To conduct research for your presentation, you may utilize the course lectures, the Internet, and the Bryant & Stratton College Virtual Library.  More specific information on what to include in your presentation is outlined below.

Requirements and Formatting

Keep the following requirements in mind when creating your PowerPoint Presentation with voiceover.  Details on the topics that should be covered in your slides are located in the “slide content” section below.  Additional instructions on recording narration in PowerPoint can be found in the Student Resources area of the course.


  • Slides are well organized, and the font color, size, and style is easy to read.
  • Slides are in bullet-point format and are not written in long paragraphs.
  • Bullet points highlight main ideas about the content topics outlined below.
  • Notes section in PowerPoint is used to plan out oral presentation.
  • Graphics, charts, graphs, and/or tables are included to enhance presentation.

Oral Presentation:

  • Voice is clear and easy to understand.
  • Tone of voice is varied, and pauses are used effectively to place emphasis on important points.
  • Additional insight and explanation of the material on the slides is given.  Slides are not simply read verbatim.
  • Non-words (such as “um,” “uh,” “yanno”) are not used.  Instead, professional language and demeanor is maintained.

Slide Content

Your presentation must include:

  • Title slide
    • Featuring a title for your presentation, your name, and the course number and title
  • Graphics, charts, graphs, and/or tables that enhance your presentation
  • Introduction slide providing an overview of the topics covered
  • Slides that address the following prompts:
    • Identify and explain the major types and sources of funding for human and social services programs.
      • Make sure to describe and assess a variety of options, including fundraising and grants.
    • Select the most important budgetary considerations and concerns when it comes to financial management of a program in human and social services.  Defend your beliefs on why these considerations/concerns are the most important, using class material and outside research.
    • Describe some of the biggest financial mistakes and pitfalls individuals overseeing human and social services program administration can fall victim to.  Justify your reasoning using class material and outside research.
      • Argue what principles and skills can be used to avoid or minimize the impact of these mistakes/pitfalls.
  • Conclusion slide summarizing the main points of the presentation
  • Reference list, including at least 3 APA style citations of outside scholarly resources

Upload your completed PowerPoint with voiceover to Blackboard for grading.

HUSS355 – Presentation Grading Rubric
CriteriaExcellentAverageNeeds ImprovementPoints
Presentation Content 60 points54-60 points Presentation fully addresses all required components clearly and concisely. Content of the presentation is accurate, well researched, and informative. Presentation has a clear introduction and conclusion. Presentation has a completed reference slide in APA style, with at least 3 outside scholarly resources.36-53 points Presentation mostly addresses required components. Content of the presentation is accurate but may be limited or difficult to understand at times. Presentation is informative and has an introduction and conclusion. Presentation has a completed reference slide in APA style.  However, there may be minor errors in APA style or the sources may not be scholarly in nature.0-35 points Presentation is limited in addressing required components. Content is inaccurate, questionable, missing important information, or vague. Presentation may or may not have an introduction and conclusion. Presentation has an incomplete, missing, or incorrectly formatted reference slide. 
Presentation Formatting 10 points8-10 points Presentation of information is logical, flows well, and is easy to follow. Presentation has the correct number of slides (at least 10 total). Presentation is aesthetically pleasing. Appropriate images, graphs, or charts are utilized to enhance the presentation.  Information is presented succinctly in bullet-point form.5-7 points Presentation of information is largely logical and mostly flows. Transitions between some of the topics may seem abrupt. Presentation may or may not have the correct number of slides. Presentation formatting is done in a plain or basic manner. Images, graphs, or charts may have been utilized to enhance the presentation though they are cluttered, sparse, or difficult to understand.  Information is primarily presented in bullets, though there may be occasional lengthy sentences or paragraphs.0-4 points Presentation of information is illogical, does not flow, and transitions are difficult to follow. Presentation does not have the correct number of slides. Presentation is not formatted to be aesthetically pleasing. No images, graphs or charts are included, or they are inappropriate/irrelevant to the presentation.  Bullet points are not utilized. 
Spelling and Grammar 10 points8-10 points Presentation contains minimal errors (1-2) in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Errors do not distract the reader/viewer or cloud meaning of the information.5-7 points Presentation contains a few errors (3-4) in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Errors distract reader/viewer and/or cloud meaning of the information.0-4 points Presentation contains several (5 or more) errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Writing in presentation is unclear. 
Voiceover 20 points18-20 points Oral portion of presentation is easily understood, does not contain words like, “um,” is professional in nature, and is engaging to listen to. The presentation flows and transitions naturally between ideas. There is excellent use of different inflections, tones, and enthusiasm.12-17 points Oral portion of presentation is generally understood, but may contain words like “um.”  There is occasional use of different tones, inflections, and enthusiasm.  At times transitions could be better used to help presentation flow more naturally.  Presentation is mostly professional and engaging.0-11 points Oral portion of presentation contains excessive use of words like, “um.” The presentation may be stilted or jarring, and is monotone throughout. Presentation is not engaging and/or lacks professional tone. 
Instructor Comments: Total Points: 

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