Posted: June 22nd, 2022

PSY 306 Research Methods In Clinical Psychology


Complete the Rorschach test.

The Journal Reflection this week will allow you to discuss your results and determine whether this type of projective test is reliable or valid.

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PSY 306 Research Methods In Clinical Psychology
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Describe your answer.


The Rorschach test observation has shown that the progressive tests are reliable.

This conclusion regarding the Rorschach Test can only be reached by an experienced psychologist.

The reliability of the test is determined by the ability to collect specific measurements with consistent results (Weiner &Greene, 2008).

However, validity is the ability of the test to measure the constructs it purports to determine (Weiner, Greene, 2008).

The test is reliable between the participants.

A test-retest reliability feature is also well demonstrated by requiring the individual to take the test twice.

It is possible to make the results reliable by administering the same test twice.

The reason is that consistent results can only be achieved if the person takes the test seriously.

The validity aspect of the discussion shows that there is a discernible validity effect size.

It has been shown that the validity of Rorschach tests can be affected by the type of population, score and scoring system.

If an observer is skilled and interested enough to take the test, they will be able attest that it measures the thinking disorder.

The test scores are what determine the thinking disorder.

This discussion shows that the Rorschach testing system meets both reliability and validity.

Refer to

Psychometric foundations of assessment.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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