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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Project Management

BSC Introduction to Project Management Discussion


Explain why Integrated Change Management is an important function within a project.

Describe some key aspects associated to Earned Value Management.

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Project Management
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Evaluate a situation when you needed to forecast an outcome and explain which Earned Value Management closely resembles the processes that you may have experienced, and explain what the affected outcome was.


1. Calculate the schedule variance and cost variance for the Bullwhip project?

2 Does Jimmy’s point about the material costs have merit? If so, does this have any implications for the way the earned valued is calculated at Peak?

3. Who is right about the status of the project? Eric or Jimmy?

4 What advice, if any, would you offer Eric related to his new role of VP of Operations?


For this week’s Portfolio Project section, view and evaluate this video: Engineering Downtown – World Trade Center Development (approx. 5 mins – opens in a new window). As you have read from the lecture and watched in the video, project Monitoring and Controlling is to identify and regulate the following:

1. Change control

2. Scope analysis

3. Monitor current progress/risks/quality Based on what you viewed of this project, describe any special Monitoring and Controlling characteristics in place for controlling the scope, cost, or time factors in order to achieve the overall project objectives.

This will be submitted as a Word essay of at least 250 words

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