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Title: 335-3


Running head: [INSERT TITLE HERE]










Student Name

Allied American University









Author Note

            This paper was prepared for [INSERT COURSE NAME], [INSERT COURSE ASSIGNMENT] taught by [INSERT INSTRUCTOR’S NAME].




Directions: Read the questions below and provide a thorough response in your own words using proper APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Your answer to each question should be at least one page in length.  Please provide examples from the textbook or required video, if applicable.


1.      In this essay, assemble a kinesic information recovery and statement and make an assessment as to the credibility of the statement, understanding that the first objective in the information retrieval process is to draw out details regarding an event from the deeper recesses of the subject's mind into the conscious level of the subject's awareness.


2.      Discuss the retrieval and analysis process and how productive (or not) it can be when used on subjects who suffer physiogenic disorders or are mentally ill.


3.      Define each of the following statement samples in an essay: 1.) Narrative Sample, 2.) Cross-Examination Sample, 3.) Time Continuum, and 4.) Third Person Sample.


4.      Delineate what the interviewer gains by using the tactic of acting that he or she has "no knowledge, skills, or intelligence" in order to feed the ego of the subject who is the "wise man," in this case, with all the knowledge. Discuss if it would be difficult for you to play this part and why or why not.


5.      As the chief interrogator of your department, create a narrative-based interview atmosphere that reduces the risk contaminating a suspect's statement (due to the interviewer's preconceptions of the suspect's guilt and/or case).






Discuss that the retrieval and analysis process is not going to be productive when it is used on subjects who suffer physiogenic disorders or from subjects who are mentally ill.

1) Your response should be in depth to fully develop your answer. Defend your position with concrete examples from the textbook and real-life cases, case law if applicable.
2) APA citation is required.
-APA citing and referencing and formatting, see the librarian or use
-In-Text and reference page citing
-Go outside the book as well and use Journal Articles that have been peer reviewed/scholarly articles- see the librarian or use the schools research system
-APA formatting (12 pt font, Times new roman, Double Spaced)
-Proper spelling and grammar
- do not use Wikipedia

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