Posted: June 23rd, 2022

PHIL 101 Philosophy


Kant’s ethical system demands that we examine the motives behind each act and Mill asks for us to consider the effects.

Each has a reason. Kant asserts that we can’t always control what happens to our actions, so it is important to judge our actions based upon what we can control. Mill asserts that the worst intentions can cause disastrous outcomes, so it is crucial that we always assess the effect of our actions on the rest of the world.

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PHIL 101 Philosophy
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Do you believe that anyone has the right idea?


Kantian ethics demands that we analyze the motives behind each act to determine its goodness or inequity.

In this example, intention is what drives a person to do a particular human act.

Kant’s conviction, that an individual’s moral worth can only ever be determined if they are motivated by morality, led to this conclusion.

A person cannot be morally worth if they are motivated by desires or emotions.

Based on this understanding, I believe Immanuel Kant is correct.

Kantian moral reasoning appeals me because I agree that moral worth is derived from performing something you know you must do and would do it regardless if you didn’t like it (Vaughn (2015)).

Virtue can be defined as the will to do one’s duty regardless of any external or internal hindrances.

To be virtuous, one must possess the will to prevail over temptations to immorality. (Shafer Landau 2014).

This determination is crucial if we want to see a society built on moral principles.

While it’s not always easy to achieve, it is something we must strive for.

I find these Kantian ideas appealing because they clearly differentiate right and wrong.

The categorical imperatives, which are designed to make us conform to them, allow us to preserve our freedom and autonomy by considering individual’s human rights to humanity.


The foundations of ethics.

Doing ethics: Moral reasoning, contemporary issues.

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