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Posted: January 21st, 2022

My financial life


1,The effect of me playing the lottery would probably just be losing all my money and end up into a bad situation in my financial life. I think playing the lottery your odds of winning is really hard to get the jackpot. I made my research on according to lottery USA the odds of winning the mega millions jackpot are 1 in 302.6 million are the odds of winning the power-ball jackpot. You have to be really lucky to win the jackpot, that is why I don’t even bother on playing it because I played it a couple times and to be honest I felt like I was more losing than winning money in the long run. That Is why I ended up not playing lottery tickets at all because the odds of you winning the lottery ticket is really low. If I ever did win the lottery I would talk to a financial advisor to see and what things can I invest to make my retirement plan a better set and stable plan to be able to live of my investment when I decided to not work anymore. Another positive outcome I would do is try to pay off my debt that I have with the money I have left after I invest in some stocks.

2.I feel winning the lottery is much different than happiness. I feel winning the lottery can only bring more issues to ones true happiness. I feel happiness should be within yourself and not through money. It’s very difficult to find yourself happy because your rich. There are many instances where people who are very are not truly happy. A family who relies on each other for happiness and have not had much wealth or expensive luxuries, would appreciate life more than a family of money who can have anything they want. They dont appreciate the hard work and the dedication of getting what you want. I know if i won the lottery id be scared to move on with life without thinking of being happy first. Kids and my husband come first. And their happiness is first also. I love the family life and we dont need much to enjoy it.

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My financial life
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