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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Low-income countries


Demography is the study of population. It encompasses three central concepts—fertility, mortality, and migration—which together determine population growth. How do industrial countries compare with low-income countries?

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Low-income countries
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Reply to these students:1)Destiny Hernandez In industrial countries along with wealthy (well-off) such as the United States, China etc. tend to be advanced in resources and other means of life.

Since the means of healthy food and other sources aren’t limited but in the same in industrial countries there tends to be higher death risks of disease as obesity, cancer etc. The lifelong spans tend to fall a bit shorter of 40-70.

In low income countries with limited resources such as parts of Africa, Afghanistan etc. the limit of sources tends to shorter living the life expectancy to be short but also be less likely to contract unhealthy foods, cancer, obesity etc. 2) Israel EsquielIn low income countries fraternity rates tends to be higher because each child can be a source of income compared to industrial countries because of factors such as social structure, economic prosperity, and life style choices.

When it comes to migration many leave low income countries for better opportunities in more development countries such as the United States for example.

When it comes to morality rates low income countries suffer more than developed countries due to the lack of resources. On the other hand in the better developed countries they have more access to resources such as health care.

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