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Posted: January 12th, 2022

Lifestyle choices


Earlier in the semester we discussed epigenetics. You and your classmates provided suggestions related to  lifestyle choices, and you chose one to incorporate into your life.  

1. Briefly summarize what you were going to do.

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Lifestyle choices
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2. Discuss your progress by addressing the prompts below. Each response to the prompts below should be at least five sentences long.

a. Provide a specific example of how you have successfully incorporated the suggestions. This should include what you did and if it worked/ was helpful.

b. What thing(s) have prevented you from incorporating this suggestion? This should include what it was and why it stopped you.

3. Going forward – how can you continue to implement – or try to implement – the suggestion? If you are having a difficult time, how can you change course? Give  specific example.

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