Posted: June 23rd, 2022

Liberal Feminism: Fundamental Rights And Freedoms


Disseminate about Liberal Feminism for Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.


Liberal feminism, a sociopolitical approach to equality for men and women in government, is a sociopolitical approach.

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Liberal Feminism: Fundamental Rights And Freedoms
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Equal access to education for boys and for girls, equal pay, equal job opportunities and a safe working environment are the only ways to achieve gender equality.

Liberal feminism uses the legal and political tools to achieve its goals.

It holds that the state has the responsibility to protect fundamental rights.

Liberal feminism advocates affirmative actions to improve equal chances for both genders.

Liberal feminism aims to abolish religious and cultural structures that support gender inequality. (Enslin (2003) p.

A liberal feminist would have been me because I believed that all men and women were created equal. They are also endowed with equal rights to education, employment opportunities, political offices, and equal remuneration.

Liberal feminist efforts have undoubtedly led to many legal, economic, social, and educational reforms which have continuously improved the quality and lives of women and girls.

Many countries in the developing and developed world have outlawed any form discrimination based on gender. This is due to liberal feminism campaigns.

A number of countries also recognize maternity leave as a legal right (Kensinger p. 185).

Let me conclude by saying that liberal feminism should not stop advocating equality and autonomy of women and girls through the destruction of cultural and religious systems which promote gender stratification.

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