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Posted: January 21st, 2022

Job Aid Template


  • Directions
    E/M coding can seem difficult because you have to consider the patient’s medical history, the results of the doctor’s exam, and the elements of medical decision making. To help you better understand E/M coding, create a job aid that differentiates between six E/M codes. You can use then use this job aid in future class assignments as you become more comfortable with CPT coding.

    This assignment is part of the Writing Assignments category, which is worth 5% of your course grade.

    Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:
    1. Access the E/M Coding Job Aid Template.
    2. Fill in the job aid with information from the Coding from the Bottom Up article you have already read. Specifically, your job aid should include the following information:
      1. Explain the history needed to assign each of the six E/M codes,
      2. Explain the examination type needed to assign each of the six E/M codes, and
      3. Explain the medical decision making needed to assign each of the six E/M codes.
    3. Refer to the rubric to see how you will be graded. Check your work against the rubric to make sure you have done everything you’ve been asked to do.

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Job Aid Template
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