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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Issues in this class


We discussed several social problems/issues in this class, and various solutions and suggested solutions to these problems. What social problems are you curious to know more about as a result of taking this class? Describe two that you would like to explore further and explain why these are interesting/important to you. One of these examples must come from our class materials (review lecture materials).


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Issues in this class
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  1. First social problem from class – identify and describe, including individual and structural solutions we discussed in class. Explain why this social problem is important to you.
  2. Second social problem that you are curious about – identify and describe, including at least one solution that is STRUCTURAL, not just solutions at the individual/micro level. (You may need to conduct brief research to fulfill this part of the prompt and include the articles or websites you used.) Explain why this social problem is important to you.
  3. In your discussion of these social problems and their solutions, discuss how important it is to have cognitive empathy, cultural humility, cultural competency, and the sociological imagination. In your assessment, be sure to define these key concepts to demonstrate your understanding of them.

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