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Posted: January 7th, 2022

Implicit bias


Watch this 17-minute TedTalk about implicit bias by Verna Myers. She is talking about implicit bias as it pertains to race, which is a very timely topic these days. She discusses how we all have implicit biases by virtue of being human beings. She provides a good illustration of her own implicit bias and how she was surprised when she noticed it.

1) Briefly describe your response to Myers’ presentation. Did it surprise you? Did it make you uncomfortable? Do you think it is important? Other reactions? (1 paragraph)

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Implicit bias
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2) Now look at the various types of biases: being swayed by a good story, availability heuristic, failing to think about what we cannot see (specifically, present/present bias), confirmation bias, and bias blind spot. Give an example of one of these biases from your own experience. Name the type of bias, define it, and provide your example. (1 paragraph)

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