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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Humanistic Perspective in Social Work

Sociology Humanistic Perspective in Social Work Practice Essay


Select a theoretical concept or idea taken from a major theory of human behavior that you can imagine illuminating your understanding of social work practice. Draft a Literature Review of three or more journal articles or book chapters by key authors who elaborate your selected concept. (Do not use your course texts for this assignment.)

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Humanistic Perspective in Social Work
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Summarize key points of what you have read under a subheading, “Key Points”. Next, find two or three brief case examples, from the articles you have chosen or from other sources, and introduce these in a section headed “Case Examples”.

The examples should stand alone, without comment, but should be related to the concept you have chosen. Finally, discuss the examples in the light of the key points you extracted from the literature you reviewed.

Last, cite implications for future social work practice and/or research. The paper should be between 6-7 pages in length.

It must conform to the Publication Manual of the APA (6th Ed.).

The purpose of the assignment is three-fold:

(1) to research a useful theoretical concept, in detail, from the points of view of current, principle authors (not simply from the course textbook);

(2) to apply this concept to case examples;

(3) to gain experience in writing a professional paper in scientific form, using formal, objective English and APA style.

A suggested model/outline for this assignment is included in Appendix C of this document.

(A grading scale for this assignment is in Appendix D.)

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