Posted: June 21st, 2022

HIS 114 American History II


1.Annotate the Black church’s history from slavery through the civil rights era.

A narrative outline will give a description paragraph for each period.

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HIS 114 American History II
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2. How does the United States intersect with Christianity and ethnicity?


The timeline tells the story of the Black Church in America from slavery through the civil rights era.

Twenty slaves of African descent were sold in Jamestown (Virginia) in 1619. This marked the beginning of slavery.

In the year 1701 the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts began its missionary work among the Native Americans as well as the African slaves.

John Wesley arrived in Georgia as a missionary with the SPG on 1730.

His efforts were ineffective, and he returned home to England.

The Great Awakening occurred in 1739-1741, as a result George Whitefield’s preaching tour (Corrigan & Hudson 2018).

The first organized black congregation on the plantation William Byrd was formed in 1758. It was located near Mecklenburg (Virginia).

In 1773, the Black Baptists established a church on the plantation George Galphin at Silver Bluff in South Carolina.

Black Baptist church was established in Williamsburg, Virginia, in the year 1776.

The Revolutionary War ended on 1783.

2.Intersection between Christianity and ethnicity in America

Christianity has always been linked to the ethnicity of Americans.

Americans believed Jesus Christ was white by his birth, and they had the right to worship Jesus Christ.

This belief was common in the time before the Civil War, when slavery was still in existence.

Native sovereignty has been emphasized and civil rights movements have always focused on the American race, religion, and ethnicity (Rey, 2014).

Mexican-Americans, Latin Americans and other immigrants have created Catholic and transnational links even though it has caused xenophobia among white Americans.

Refer to

Religion in America.

Bourdieu on religion: Imposing faith, legitimacy.

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