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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Globalization in Asia

The Effects of Technology on Globalization in Asia Research Outline

The topic is the effects of technology on globalization in Asia.

My research question: How do technologies affect globalization in exchanging ideas, trade, shared interests, and cross-border attacks among the Asian countries?

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Globalization in Asia
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Sample Outline

Research paper

Detail outline of final research paper due November 19 by 8:00pm

What’s included

  • Improved Central Research Question
  • Improved Thesis Statement
  • What’s to become your body paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

Central Research Question & Thesis Statement

  • You all got some feedback from me regarding these two components. Please show me that you actually read & applied the feedback you received.
  • Your thesis statement provides a brief overview of your paper and should clearly present:
    • Your main argument
    • Factors supporting your argument

Body Paragraphs

  • Organize your body paragraphs in bullet point format
  • Ex) Unequal access to education leads to income disparity among difference races in Australia (your topic sentence)
    • Indigenous population mostly rural (aussie scholar 1, 2012)
    • Schools underfunded in these areas and lack resources (aussie scholae 2, 1994)
    • End up dropping out or not be able to attend college, which leads to lower income level (aussie scholar 1, 2011; US scholar 2, 2009)


  • What’s the main takeaway point in your research paper?
  • Refresh you reader’s memory: what was your central research question and argument(s)?
  • Example:
    • In conclusion, indigenous people in Australia seldom achieve social mobility because they do not have access to appropriate resources or mainstream opportunity structure. Subpar education disadvantages these already racially marginalized individuals from early in life. Even when they do get out of their under resourced homelands, they often funneled into low-income occupation sectors due to racial social prejudice and lack of education….


  • APA/ASA format
    • Please format your citations correctly
  • DOES NOT have to be annotated
  • Must have more than the 12 you submitted for your annotated bibliography assignment.

Please DO Not worry!

  • NOTHING has to be perfect
  • Your central research question and thesis statement WILL change again most likely
  • Your conclusion WILL also change
  • If anything, this is your chance to make all the mistakes and get my feedback on them!

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