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Posted: March 29th, 2022

GEO1010 Activity for Relative Dating

Many students struggle to understand the principles and apply them, since they are connecting ideas from many other modules.

This assignment is meant to help you understand how to connect these ideas. You will also be able to use it for some of our other assignments. If you need help with any of these older principles, go to our older modules.

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GEO1010 Activity for Relative Dating
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You may need further assistance, so I gave you some examples from our interactive lectures (Module09: Interactive Video Lecture).

8 Conglomerate Beds 7-10 Sandstone Faul Dike DA Organize the above events and explain the relative date technique that you used. You need to arrange the following events in the table. To help explain what I am searching for, I made the first line in the table. Relative dating principles used to determine order superposition.

You can choose from 6 to 8 beds. 3. 4. S. 6. 7. 8. 9. Complete the above-mentioned table. Then answer the following. Unless otherwise indicated, each answer should be at most 2-3 sentences.

10. One unconformity can be seen in the diagram. Please explain the location of the one-sided unconformity within the diagram. Also, describe the type and method by which you can find it.

11. Which of the following faults is fault A and fault B? Which one requires extensional forces while which one requires compressional forces? How did you arrive at these conclusions?

12. Bed 04 is Sandstone. Describe the sedimentary conditions in which a Sandstone could form.

13. What would this Sandstone rock look like if it were metamorphosed from another rock? (one-word answer)

14. Bed 09 is Shale (mudstone). Define a sedimentary setting where shale could develop.

15. What would be the name of this rock, shale, if it went through low-grade metamorphism. (one-word answer)

16. Dike A was datable at 10 My. Batholith was at 50 My. Beds 7-10 contain fossils with ages ranging between 60 and 75 My.

Based on all available information, what is Dike B’s possible age range? Please explain.

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