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Posted: January 21st, 2022

Foms in a Resort


In Recreational Amenities we learn that amenities are features that are attractive/appealing to a given market and add value to the land. Amenities can take a variety of forms in a Resort, i.e., golf course, tennis courts, water feature (swimming pool, lazy river, water play area, etc.), spa, marina, etc.. The upfront costs of these amenities can be recouped through the value that they add in terms of higher occupancies, higher ADRs (average daily rates), ad/or differentiation (or competitiveness) within the market that draws individuals and groups to your property. As we learn in the module, the key for a profitable resort/business is to find the right balance between the cost of providing the amenity and the profitable revenue that it generates. When the amenity is no longer profitable, ownership and management of that amenity can be transferred to an appropriate group or body. Presume that the resort where you are working is a mixed use resort (a combination of per

Considering the information provided in Chapter 8 of the text (particularly pages 218 – 225; as well as the information provided in the Quick Getaway 8.4 on page 226), make a recommendation on the preferred structure of the Community Association so the 18-hole golf course can be transferred to the resort community AND why this is beneficial to the developer, the resort hotel business, and the residents (condominium and whole ownership owners). Your recommendation should include the number and types of associations, classes of memberships (if any), voting powers of the membership class(es), a determination as to whether the developer should be a part of the Community Association or not and how (i.e., greater/equal/less representation than other members). Finally, be sure to address how the operating costs be split among association members (percentages are fine), and how the structure is beneficial to the developer, resort business and property residents

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Foms in a Resort
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