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Posted: January 21st, 2022

First female president


1.After establishing her own research laboratory at Wellesley College, _____ became the first female president of the American Psychological Association.
Margaret Floy WashburnMary Whiton CalkinsAnna FreudMamie Phipps Clark
2.The belief that our knowledge of something is correct due to our own personal experiences is known as:
pseudoscience.anecdotal evidence.confirmation bias.hindsight bias.
3.Mona remarks that she is interested in the effects of optimism on physical and mental health. Jackson recommends that she explore the works of the _____ psychologists.
4.Though there are many common myths people make about human behavior, which statement is accurate?
Happiness is positively correlated with age.Punishment is an effective way to change behavior.Students have their own unique learning styles.The suicide rate increases during the Christmas holidays.
5.Approximately _____ of psychologists specialize in the clinical/counseling field.
6.Dr. Washington is pursuing psychology’s goal of _____ when she prepares a report about a specific psychological issue that only contains her observations for publication.
7.Anticipating future outcomes or behaviors is at the heart of psychology’s goal of:
8.A website claims that it can improve concentration, problem solving, and creativity through simple game-like experiences “based on neuroscience.” Before Melanie subscribes to the site, she seeks empirical evidence that the experiences have lasting cognitive benefits. She also examines the credentials of the neuroscientists appearing to endorse the site. In this example, Melanie is using:
popular wisdom.anecdotal evidence.common sense.critical thinking.
9.The pioneering psychologist _____ used a method called _____ to enable subjects to examine their own mental processes.
Watson; internal perceptionWundt; internal perceptionWundt; introspectionWatson; introspection
10.As a therapist, Dr. Rowan attempts to treat his patients by assisting them in uncovering unconscious motives and conflicts. Dr. Rowan appears to favor the _____ perspective in psychology.
11.Rereading will be an effective study strategy for Paolo if he:
uses a computer to take cramming for a comprehensive exam.marks up the text during his first read-through.quizzes himself between the first and second reading.
12._____ is an approach that focuses on human flourishing and the positive aspects of human nature, seeking to understand the roots of happiness, creativity, humor, and other strengths.
Classical conditioningCognitive neurosciencePositive psychologyBehavioral psychology

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