Posted: June 21st, 2022

ETP5001 Language And Literacy In The Primary Years


Write about the Language & Literacy for Youngsters Discourse.


Literature Discourses, Coffee Shop Discourses, Youngsters Discourses, and Family Discourses are all the kinds of discourses I participate in.

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ETP5001 Language And Literacy In The Primary Years
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Certain languages are used in the literature Discourse to which I belong.

Literary words such as “poetic”, prosaic, and “metaphorical”, which are all directly connected to the literary vocabulary, are used.

Class requires us to use high quality words that can be bombastic and rarely use conversational language.

We prefer to use words like “but” instead. Instead, we use words such “however” which help give the discourse a sense of grandeur.

A youngster discourse, which can confuse an outsider who is not aware of the language used in the discourse group, is one example.

This discourse is used mainly by young people, especially those at college or the University words.

These words have no concrete meaning, and the original English dictionary doesn’t acknowledge their existence.

These words are popular in modern times, particularly on social media.

It is important to note that the words can be used to refer to concepts that are not known to outsiders.

Swag, for example, is being used to describe a subtle way an individual dresses or dresses.

Incomprehensible for those not familiar with the language are new slangs and abusive terms such as “crap”, which make it difficult to comprehend.

Reference List

Critical discourse analysis: A critical study of language.

Language as discourse: Perspectives to language teaching

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