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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Ethnicity & Ethnic Consciousness

WLAC Ethnicity Affects Reading and Reading Affects Ethnic Consciousness Essay

Vasquez writes about how schooling practices affect young people feel about their racial and ethnic backgrounds.  The author sought to answer the question, “What is the effect of ethnic literature on personal and ethnic identity formation, for both minority and non-minority readers?” Her hypothesis was that “the racial and ethnic background of a reader helps to shape artistic valuation and literary interpretation.” This statement means that a your race/ethnicity plays a role in whether you find value in reading a text.

For this response, please provide a summary of the results of Vasquez’s study.

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Ethnicity & Ethnic Consciousness
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– How did Latino students react to the readings? How did non-Latino students respond?
– How do those students’ reactions to Chicano literature compare to your own?  
– Have you had similar reactions? Has your experience with Chicano literature been different from theirs?

Feel free to answer based on this class and any other experience you’ve had with Chicano literature in or out of a formal classroom.

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