Posted: June 23rd, 2022

Early Childhood: Collaborative Partnerships With Families


Discuss Early Childhood for Collaborative Partnerships with Families


Pia’s expressions throughout the duration and results of the research study are shown in Sumsion’s article.

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Early Childhood: Collaborative Partnerships With Families
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Pia’s experiences as a preschool teacher during the first two-years of her career included struggle to establish an identity and seeking acceptance.

Pia struggled to control the material that essentially formed the teacher-parent relationship for child development.

Pia’s ability to balance needs and respect her beliefs was compromised.

Furthermore, Pia gained confidence and increased responsiveness. She also developed the ability to recognize complexity eventually.

Over her time, she taught how to manage tensions and also value relationships and share triumphs and joys. She also provided reassurance and created a sense of community.

Pia taught decision-making skills.

Pia’s emotions were a result of her many stages of teaching.

As a student with a Bachelor in Teaching, she was an absolute novice and had little practical experience.

As time passed, and she became more familiar with the job profile, and the interactions with parents, and pupils in early childhood settings, sufficient knowledge was gained that allowed her to develop professional skills (Summary, 1999).


Childhood early.

Collaborative partnerships between families.

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