Posted: June 21st, 2022

EAL211 Inclusive Practices In Educational Settings


Write about the Inclusive practice for learning and interest.


Students often find the classroom’s behavioral expectations confusing.

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EAL211 Inclusive Practices In Educational Settings
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It is important to understand that learning, behavior and wellbeing can be interrelated.

This helps to identify the learning environment that is most conducive to success.

These models assess the strengths, learning interests, and learning needs.

Positive behavior is developed and supported by the practice of behavioral expectation and relationship-based practice.

Volkmar (2016) stated that the applied behaviour analysis refers to the application of intervention.

This is a way to improve socially important behavior.

This is an example of the effectiveness of employed intervention in behavior improvement.

Behavior analysis is a technique that identifies autism and brings about meaningful changes in behavior.

The applied behavior plays a significant role in education to counter challenging behavior.

This guideline provides best practice guidelines for early intervention of children with autism.

Children with autism can be helped to heal by early intervention.

Doehring et. al. (2014) stated that high-quality intensity intervention addresses the needs and families of children with autism.

Good quality patient outcomes can be achieved by early intervention.

SPELL is the best method to manage autism.

SPELL is shorthand for structure, positivity, empathy, low arousal or links. (Volkmar 2016).

This approach may help autistic patients lower their risk of developing the disease.

It was found that the student perception is one of the most important aspects in determining the development of the practice.


A descriptive analysis of behavioral strategies for dealing with severe problem behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental conditions:

North American child and adolescent mental health clinics, 23(1), 25-40.


Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 55(10): S69-S70.

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