What are the methods for excellent dissertation proposal writing?

A dissertation proposal is an outline of plans on a piece of paper on how to write a dissertation based on a particular research question. A dissertation proposal is used to demonstrate all the work done on academic research, discussion, and any academic activities.

To have an excellent dissertation proposal it’s important to have the following;

  • Introduction.
  • Literature reviews.
  • Methodology.
  • Discussion.
  • Bibliography.


When writing a proposal, it’s important to include an introduction. An introduction will tell the reader more about the topic and its aims. The aim of the author of the paper is made clear by the introduction, in the introduction the writer will contain the line of argument.

signs that you're doing too much research for your dissertation
signs that you’re doing too much research for your dissertation

Literature reviews

Literature reviews are used to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the academic literature in a specific context.


When writing a dissertation, it’s important to consider the methods that will be used when writing your academic paper. A dissertation is a professional paper, it being a formal paper it will have a format. The format of your essay must follow the set guideline issued by the institution.


When writing your dissertation, you need to discuss all the points and defend them with examples that will back your answer.


When writing a dissertation, you need to write a bibliography. A bibliography is a list of books and articles Written by a particular author or on a subject.

A bibliography includes;

  1. Name of the author.
  2. Date of publication.
  3. The number of pages.
  4. Printed encyclopedia.

What are the stages of writing a dissertation or thesis?

When writing a dissertation, it’s important to follow the following stages;

  • Planning research.
  • Formation of hypothesis.
  • Choosing topic.
  • Data collection and shreds of evidence.
  • Data analysis
  • Presenting the findings.
  • Revision of your works.

What is considered an original dissertation?

An original dissertation is a report of a study written by researchers who have done a study. Researchers will have to follow all the due processes that are required to be followed when conducting their research. The dissertation must contain detailed information about the research that was conducted and all the findings found.

Is it possible to have a job while doing a Ph.D. dissertation?

Yes, it’s possible to work while still doing your Ph.D. dissertation. Majority of students studying for Ph.D. work while they are still studying. The students can have either part-time or full-time jobs outside the university.

What are the benefits of having a very specific research question in my Ph.D. dissertation?

Having a specific research question in my Ph.D. dissertation is that it will pinpoint exactly what you want to find out and this will give you an easy time when researching your work. When writing your dissertation on a specific point it will help you to focus on a single problem.

What are the methods for excellent dissertation proposal writing?
What are the methods for excellent dissertation proposal writing?

What should you bring to a dissertation defense?

A dissertation defense is done when you have finished your dissertation and the committee has said they’re ready to listen to your report by conducting a formal meeting. In summary, a dissertation defense is an opportunity to explain your findings on the research that you conducted.

A dissertation defense should include;

  • Guidelines
  • Problem statement
  • Present enough details.


When preparing for a dissertation defense it’s important to observe all the guidelines that are provided by the institution.

Problem statement

The problem statement needs to be clear and simple to understand. When the problem statement is clear it will give the examiners, an easy time understanding all points and solutions written in your dissertation.

Present enough details

Having enough details in your dissertation paper is important since it will give you an easy time pointing out the key points during your dissertation defense.

What are some ways to cope with nerves when defending a dissertation or thesis?

During dissertation defense students tend to experience a nervous breakdown. Most of the time the tension comes as a result of self-doubt and lack of preparation. To overcome the tension the student should try and put their minds into the mind of the examiners and be able to figure out the types of questions that might be asked. This trick will help the student to prepare very well for the presentation.

How often should you meet your dissertation supervisor?

A Ph.D. candidate should meet the dissertation supervisor at least two times a month. The frequency of the meeting of the Ph.D. it’s not specified but it shouldn’t be less than two per month.

Who owns the copyright to a dissertation?

A copyright is a legally binding agreement that describes the rights that creators have rights over the literacy work. This means that you can’t use the work that has been published by a writer without their permission. In most learning institutions, most of the students retain the copyrights of their dissertations. For the university to distribute the thesis of the student they are required to grant the university a non-exclusive license without giving up their copyright.

What should be avoided while writing an abstract for a dissertation search paper?

When writing a dissertation, most students are likely to make the following mistakes;

  1. Not paraphrasing their work.
  2. Not summarizing your work.
  3. Using the abstract as a de facto introduction.
  4. Including too much background knowledge.
  5. Including too many methods in your dissertation paper.
  6. Not summarizing your entire project.

Do I fail my dissertation if I fail to reject the null hypothesis?

When you fail to reject the null hypothesis, it means that the null hypothesis is not known and if an error was made.

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