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Posted: January 20th, 2022

Developed obesity


What happened in the mice whose agouti gene stayed on all the time?答案选项组they developed obesity

they stopped eating

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Developed obesity
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they became aggressive

they refused to mate

标记此问题问题 21 分

Methyl groups答案选项组inhibit the function of genes

increase the function of genes

cause dementia

increase memory

标记此问题问题 31 分

Histones答案选项组influence the expression of genes

cause depression

contribute to binge eating

destroy chromosomes

标记此问题问题 41 分

The study of the things besides genes that can affect or influence genetic expression is called答案选项组epigenetics


biological psychology


标记此问题问题 51 分

Can things your parents or grandparents expose themselves to also have an effect on you?答案选项组yes


标记此问题问题 61 分

Epigenomes in identical twins can change dramatically due to differences in what they答案选项组all answers are correct




标记此问题问题 71 分

Epigentics may help in cancer treatment by答案选项组reactivating genes

killing the cancer cells

producing more hormones

all answers are correct

标记此问题问题 81 分

Which of the following can we potentially alter?答案选项组our epigenome

our genome

our brain structure

our endocrine system

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