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Posted: December 30th, 2021

Causes of obesity

RES 1313 Baton Rouge College Causes of obesity Paper


Write a short research paper addressing the following title: “Causes of obesity “.

Your work consists mainly of reviewing a small sample (5-9sources or references) of relevant research evidence.

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Causes of obesity
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Please take into consideration the following requirements:

It must be well organized and free from any syntax problems, and documented according to the APA manual. You must review evidence from a minimum of 4-5 different sources.

It must have a title page that must include the paper title and your name (on the top half); and the paper abstract on the bottom half.

The paper abstract must be a short paragraph consisting of three statements, one after another: problem statement (focus and purpose of your work), methods statement (How it was done), and findings statement.

Your paper must be 8-10 pages long (double space, 12-point font, and one-inch margins). It should be structured as follows:700 words work cited  8-10 pages long (double space, 12-point font, and one-inch margins

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