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Posted: January 12th, 2022

Anxiety diagnosis


you will identify a specific anxiety diagnosis or OCD and develop an educational presentation for middle and high school counselors. 

Be sure your presentation addresses the following:

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Anxiety diagnosis
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  • Include an overview of the major DSM-5 criteria for the condition you select.  Do not directly copy text from the DSM-5. 
  • Offer a description of individual therapy interventions (based on current evidence) that could be used to help a client with this condition manage his or her symptoms. Include descriptions of two family therapy interventions (based on the best current evidence) that could be implemented to address the symptoms and promote healing.  Remember that reassurance seeking is a powerful feature of these disorders.  Pay attention to how family members and significant others can kindly, but effectively reduce these behaviors. 
  • Offer a brief description of the best current medications used to treat the condition. You do not need to provide actual drug names, but you do need to identify the drug classes and briefly describe what these medications do. You must cite this information. 
  • Identify and describe two apps, informational websites, or client education resources that could be used by a client to use as homework to help him/her address their symptoms? (1-2 slides)
  • Determine any ethical issues that may present when working with a middle schooler or adolescent.
  • Determine which cultural and diversity issues are important to consider with the condition you identified. 

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