Critical Evaluation: Positive And Negative Impacts Of Playing Video Games

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Table of Contents

Discuss the Critical Evaluation of Positive and Negative Effects of Playing Video Games.



The video game has been an integral part of childhood life for decades.

Greitemeyer (2009, Osswald) mentioned that Atari was the first to introduce the gaming console.

The basic game of tennis was included in the game.

Today, children enjoy playing video games.

Video games are enjoying a growing popularity among children.

There are both positive and harmful effects that video games have on children.

These effects can both be beneficial to the children and potentially harmful.

This assignment will focus on the positive and detrimental effects of video games for children.

The reflective section describes the turnitin experience.

Positive Effects of Video Games

Granic and Lobel (2014) concluded that playing video games has the strongest effect on agility and hand-eye coordination.

Unsworth et. al.

(2015) stated that new video games are complex and their playing style is complicated.

These games require the use of different buttons and sticks on a controller.

These games are great for children, as they teach them about the relationship between mind and eyes.

Adachi (2011) and Willoughby (2011) mention that video games are a great way to increase cognitive power and improve the reflection skills of children.

They must be able to think clearly while playing the new videogames.

They must control the characters of the video games very carefully.

This helps children to concentrate better (Boyle, et. al.

The video game controller teaches children how to handle real-life objects and machineries.

Ferguson et.

(2014). Many video games are entertaining and funny, which provides entertainment for the children.

This improves the creativity of children.


(2014) stated that the video games can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

The video games reduce stress for adults.

The video games increase children’s confidence.

This can help children improve their mathematical abilities.


2014: Some of the video games are divided into multiple levels.

They earn points if the children finish the first level.

This allows the children to increase their mathematical skills.

Video games can be used to encourage critical thinking and help children develop their critical thinking skills.

The games also offer knowledge-sharing features that encourage children to increase their computer knowledge.

This is a positive factor for children.

Video games can cause many negative side effects, despite their educational and entertainment benefits.

We will be discussing the negative consequences of playing video games in the next section.

Negative Effects of Video Games Playing

Video games can have a detrimental effect on children.

They might develop negative and aggressive thoughts which can manifest in their children’s behavior.

The video game can have negative effects on children’s behavior.

Greitemeyer (2009, Oswald) mentioned that the signs and symptoms of vulnerability and aggression can influence children about the malpractice.

Adachi (2011) and Willoughby (2011) stated that children may have difficulty concentrating on schoolwork, and this can affect their ability to pass their exams.

Granic and Lobel (2014) demonstrated that children who enjoy video games are less likely to concentrate on their studies.

Unsworth et. al.

(2015). Violent video games can make children violently and vulnerable.

The video games lead to children becoming lazy and leading them to live a more sedentary life.

Video games are more violent than the media violence that children see.

(2016) noted that many videogames offer the opportunity for children to engage in violence.

There are many games that allow children to become arm-wielding characters.

These characters are able to kill anyone they choose.

They can also commit other crimes.

These types of games can cause harm to children.

(2014) agreed that these video games can influence children to commit crimes.

Because the video games are addictive, children become lazy and avoid daily activities.

(2014) stated that it was the responsibility of the elder to encourage the kids so they can play the outdoors games instead of just playing video games.

(2014) found that children are more likely to skip meals because of their addiction to video games.

Children are now suffering from childhood obesity.

The children may experience back pain, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, eyestrain, and other symptoms.

Adachi (2011) and Willoughby (2011) suggested parents should monitor their children to make sure they don’t play violent videogames and that they are not addicted.

To ensure that their children don’t become dependent on the video games and feel lonely, they must be available to them.


According to the above discussion, video game play can have many positive effects on children.

The knowledge of the children can be enhanced as well as their dexterity and reflexes.

You should not make them addicted to video games.

You should engage in physical and outdoor activities.

These activities will improve concentration and performance.

The parents should be serious about the issue and seek to improve their lifestyle so that the children can live a moderate life.


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