Sparse Parametric Style In Lancelot

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Dispute about the Sparse Parametric Style at Lancelot.



Robert Bresson, a French filmmaker and director, is considered one of the most talented with an exceptional sense of aesthetics.

Robert Bresson is one of Jean Renoir’s most famous film-makers.

He was a film-maker who never gave up.

Films show that the film-maker’s personal convictions with God and the catholic faith are questioned. These questions are hard to answer (Dempsey 1980).

Another question has been highlighted is the film.

The direct question highlights Bresson’s trust and belief that God is a part of his life.

Bresson films all raise the question of God.

The existence of God is often questioned in many of Bresson’s films (Quandt and 1998).

The films do not ignore the importance of God’s concept and context.

The primary plot of the films is always the question on the existence God.

Robert Bresson has made it his central theme in most of his films.

The rigidity of his stance has been removed by a final spiritual victory in his six first films.

This suggested that the evils of the universe could be overcome by the power God.

Balthazar’s release was met with criticism by the filmmakers. It did not include a focus on God and spirituality. (Roud 1977).

Balthazar was an example of God’s remoteness.

Incommunicability was the main theme of the film (Dempsey, 1980).

There are clear signs that the films of Robert were made in Catholic homes.

Robert’s films also bear the marks of a deep thinker, philosopher and doubter.

It is obvious that Robert emphasizes the Catholic element in his films by the specific rites performed in Catholic churches (Thompson 1998).

Les Anges du Peche was shot during Nazi occupation (Quandt. 1998).

This film, along with the influence of Catholic priests & Nuns on people dominates the present situation.

Diary of a Country Priest portrays a guileless and holy man living in unwelcoming rural surroundings (Roud 1978).

The films often have deep spiritual insight and are based upon various Gods, which are either known or not to the public (Thompson 1998).

According to critics and writers, this is why Robert Bresson’s movies are centered around his idea of God and spirituality.

His questions on the existence and meaning of God made his audience think.

His Catholic faith has influenced the films’ themes.

Most of the films emphasize the existence of God or spirituality.

Bresson is a French film-maker who is widely recognized for his contribution to cinematography.


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The Sheen of Armour, Whinnies of Horses: Sparse Parametric Design in Lancelot du Lac.

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