SCMT319 Global Terrorism

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Remember that terrorist acts can be carried out by actors of many different ethnic and religious backgrounds. They may also follow various ideologies, from anarchism or neo-Nazism.

Discuss the following (don’t answer questions; instead, create a discussion by linking both questions).

Do you think domestic terrorism poses a threat to the United States of America?

Why or not?

Which are you more likely to believe is the most dangerous to American citizens, domestic terrorism of international terrorism?

You should include substantive details that build and develop main post topics, with well-supported perspectives, insight and perspectives.

Interaction should add to the discussion by asking questions and respectfully debating points.


Despite the terrorist threats of al Qaeda, and other radical jihadist group that once gripped America’s homeland, it is important to not overlook a rise in xenophobia that gave birth to widespread domestic radicalism (Freilich et al.

This is primarily a result hatred for immigrants, globalization, the rise in Muslim population in America, mental derangement and ethnic prejudices.

Open use of weapons against common masses, widespread destruction of religious sites, attacks on religious groups, and the killing of targeted religious and ethnic groups has been the hallmarks of domestic terrorism in America.

According to the Combating Terrorism Center’s report, domestic terror has affected the countrymen’s faith in the U.S. government and its functioning (Hamm 2015 and Spaaij2015).

However, occasional attacks at nightclubs and schools, churches, and concerts have sparked fear, hate crimes, extremism, and stereotypical racial sentiments.

A variety of factors are responsible for the rise in domestic terrorist attacks, including radicalization via the internet or influential public icons, radical nationalism (Hamm, Spaaij, 2015).

The result has left America vulnerable, even within the borders of educational institutions. Surprisingly, little has been done to eliminate organized hate crimes.

It is well-known that domestic terrorism has caused the tragic demise of democratic, liberal minds across America.

We can safely conclude that domestic terrorism has caused fear and mistrust in America’s citizens and should therefore be treated with the greatest sincerity.


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