PSYC2015 Human Sexuality

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Table of Contents

What is cheating?

How do you feel about one-night stands

What is love and how do you know if you are in love?


Cheating is a problem that is common in romantic relationships where one partner cheats on the other. This happens without thinking about the emotions or close attachment of the other.

Cheating can be seen in many ways.

Whatever the type or form of cheating used, it has devastating effects on the victim. They go through an emotional phase that is difficult to bear and are often depressed.

Cheating is most commonly done through emotional and physical cheating.

My awareness of emotional cheating was triggered by a friend who experienced a drastic change in her behavior and entered into depression after her boyfriend of five years had been caught cheating on them.

My friend discovered that he was in a relationship with another woman after he abruptly left her.

This type of cheating is called emotional cheating. The cheater secretly has intimate relationships and emotional closeness with another person, instead of their true mate.

Cheating victims experience emotional trauma, and they go into shock that can take a lot of time to heal.

Physical cheating is another form of cheating. This is when someone has a sexual relationship and not their spouse.

Cyber cheating is another type of cheating that has become more popular in today’s digital age. It involves one person flirting with another person on social networking sites before suddenly disappearing and leaving the other.

One night stands is a common term used in movies and TV shows.

It refers to a sexual encounter between two individuals that lasts only once and in which one or both of them never contact the other.

I don’t like one-night stands. They are often viewed as a way to get sex.

They are just looking to have fun and fulfill their sexual desires.

There is no moral or good reason to practice one-night stands.

It is extremely morally wrong and causes more harm than good.

In exchange for sexual encounters with their partner, sluts will often engage in these acts.

Common people also engage in this behavior to satisfy their sexual desires.

This is a common practice among middle-aged and wealthy children.

In exchange for some fun, I believe they are taking on a lot of risk.

The main risk is the potential for HIV/Sexuality in the individual. This is because sexing with voluntary partners increases the risk of developing sexually transmitted disease.

A few minutes of pleasure can have a devastating impact on a person’s entire life.

The society will find out about the act and they will be forced to face shame.

While the individual may eventually regret what they did, the society will likely make it public.

The state of mind known as love is when people feel a deep connection with a person. They are passionate about living close to them.

Different types of love exist.

But, all forms of love have strong emotional attraction and personal attachment.

If we love our spouses or romantic partners, we can claim that we are in a relationship when we have an unwavering affection for one another and a positive feeling when we see them.

Loved ones often want to be with their romantic partner as often possible.

One sign you are in love with someone else is that they make your day better. This is because our romantic partner is usually the first person that we think of when we get up.

Friends I know who have been in love have shared their feelings. It is exciting and selfless, where the other person’s wants and needs are paramount.

One sign of someone who is in love, is the ability to see the long term and spend their future with the partner.

Someone who is truly in love can’t imagine their future without the person that they love.

Love can also lead to emotional dependence and possessiveness.


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