PSYC101 Introduction To Psychology

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A random act or kindness, or RAoK, is an act of kindness that is selfless and performed by kind people to cheer up or help a stranger.

June 2.

2006 Perform at least 5 acts of kindness in a random setting for others.

Learn more about kindness

Describe the kindnesses you have done.

2 How did it impact you and others?

Was there anything you expected in return?

What does research say about “happiness?”

How would you define happiness?

For your paper, you can find a quotation on “kindness”



Kindness is an ethical behavior that is manifested by a pleasing nature and concern for others.

Kindness is considered a virtue. It is also a valued value in most religions (Ameli, 2014.

Kindness is the act of being kind towards people in need. It does not come in return for anything nor for the benefit or the individual helping.

Acts of Kindness

A virtue of kindness is that one does not expect to be treated well in return.

There are many instances when I have shown kindness to others, but I will only list a few.

It is an attribute that I believe kindness can be learned and not a prerequisite to being kind to others.

An elderly person in my neighborhood received a Christmas gift from a friend who bought it years ago.

The older adult was an elderly woman. None of her family members visited her, not even her children on Christmas day.

I did some shopping for her, including clothes and flowers.

I have never known a happier woman in my life.

It was obvious that she was lonely and sad, as no one bothered her about Christmas or what she could have for dinner.

Christmas is a day for sharing with others, and I’m sure that I shared love with this elderly lady.

Another occasion was when I showed kindness and offered to pay bus fare for an elderly man who did not have enough money.

The driver was nearly mad at the young man. He wanted to throw the boy out of the bus as he believed he was lying about not having bus fare.

Another kindness I’ve shown someone was to buy a pair of shoes for someone who was homeless and walking barefoot.

I have also helped a mother carry her baby to unlock a locked door in an apartment.

She struggled to open it, but she was carrying her baby and ice cream in both hands.

Last but not least, she was not even close to me on Mother’s Day. She had lost her mother just a month prior.

Every act of kindness I do has an impact on someone or me.

Many see me as someone who has a positive impact on them and helps them to be kind in their times.

To others, they see me as someone who can help when they are in dire need.

It motivates me to keep being kind, because at the very end I receive much more than I give.

I know I don’t expect anything in return for kindness. In fact, I have given my time to help people who can’t afford it.

If I expected kindness in return for showing kindness, it may not be kindness.


Happiness is defined as an emotional state or mental state of well being that includes pleasant or positive emotions. These emotions can range from happiness to intense joy.

The mental states of happiness can also be used to judge an individual’s general well-being.

There are many psychological, biological and religious methods that attempt to explain happiness and the sources.

Research groups that include happiness economics, positive psychology, and others are using science to investigate questions regarding what happiness looks like and how people can achieve it (Mogilner Kamvar & Aaker 2011).

In recognition of the shared importance of happiness and well being, the United Nations declared 20 March the International Day of Happiness.

Philosophers and religious thinkers defined happiness as having a good life and flourishing in your life.

My definition of happiness is the ability to be content with one’s current situation and appreciate it.

Happiness can be a cure for many lifestyle diseases, such as depression and stress that lead to hypertension.

A person who is happy with the things they have is truly happy.

Quotation on Kindness

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You can never do a kindness too quickly because you never know when it will become too late.”

Mark Twain. “Kindness refers to the language that the deaf hear and the blind see.”


It is true that kindness never hurts and no one has ever suffered because of helping or giving to others.

It is important to be kind and compassionate to all people.

Happiness is something that can be chosen in life. Everyone deserves happiness.


Here are 25 lessons on mindfulness.

Small acts and gestures of kindness.

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The shifting meanings of happiness

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