POLS1201 Introduction To International Relations

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Table of Contents

You can choose from the following topics, and then provide critical thinking and responses.

* What are the historical contexts and drivers of conflict within Burma, including Rakhine State?

* What strategies have been used by the international community and Burma to end the conflict?

* What lessons are to be learned in order to guide future policy and programs for Burma?


Conflict in Burma: Peace and Conflict

Conflict in Burma, particularly in Rakhine state (Laoutides & Ware 2018) is believed to be caused by historical tensions as well as various disputes over the political power-sharing of the two ethnicities Rohingya & Rakhine.

Rakhine continues to be the least developed and most marginalized state in the country.

The Central Burma Government may have significantly repressed the state.

This has caused concerns among the ethnic Rakhine, as well as controversy within the Rohingya ethnic minority.

The idea is that Rohingya will be recognized as an ethnic group in Myanmar, which would give them representational rights as well as political influence. (Cheesman/BurmaUpdate Conference & Farrelly 2016, 2016).

Rohingya could be a powerful minority group that has significant influence over local culture and resources as well as policies.

Rakhine people feel that Rohingya could threaten the Rakhine government.

The international response to Burma’s crisis has been insufficient.

The United States, United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation all condemned the events that took place in Burma.

Indonesia sent their foreign minister for talks in Myanmar.

These conflicts are not solved by condemnation.

International cooperation must devise various strategies for helping the Rohingya minority.

International community must come up with punitive actions against Burma’s government to show that it isn’t happy with the current events in the country.

The international community must learn from this conflict that multi-dimensional peacebuilding efforts are necessary.

It is important to develop innovative and creative peacebuilding strategies for countries that are going through major transitions.

It seems that Rakhine state will be difficult to achieve lasting peace. This will require safeguarding human rights, national security, economic growth, and protecting the environment.

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