HIST 406 History Of The Modern United States

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Are you a victim of discrimination or prejudice because of your race?

This is a common experience in your life.

How did you feel about this experience?

Following the controversy involving the police and members from the African American community, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not racism is still a key concept in American society.

Your opinion on the importance of race today in shaping people’s lives.

Refer to the chapter for specific examples that support your position.


Today, prejudice and discrimination based on ethnicity or race has become the norm in society (Bottero-Wendy and Irwin 467).

Discrimination on the basis of race is a problem for Mexican workers living in the United States.

I have experienced discrimination on the basis of my race in American oil companies.

There are differences in the salaries of different races.

All the whites in my job group received 100 percent of their salaries, while my salary was only sixty five percent.

My complaints were reacted to with threats of firing me.

The second is a dearth of resources to help employees.

Whites had different office spaces than those of other races.

Also, the equipment was in bad condition and exposed to danger.

It was also concerning to hear offensive comments from management.

In the case of minor errors, it is possible to use cruel and injurious words to intimidate me.

I felt worthless due to racial discrimination.

I felt less human and less worthy of humanity.

Due to this prejudice, I began trusting every white person.

This experience was frustrating and gave me valuable lessons for my life.

How you treat a person can either have a negative impact or a positive one.

This is because in many cases, prejudice can cause suicide.

In shaping people’s lives, the issue of race is crucial.

First, death penalty cases can be influenced by race (Krieger et. al., 63). Amnesty International found that most of the death row prisoners were executed for the murder of a white man, while about half of all homicide victims are African Americans.

A death penalty may not be sought by prosecutors for victims of minorities, particularly those from Africa-American backgrounds.

Black people who are being tried for murder of white persons have a three-fold chance of getting a death sentence (Glaude, Eddie, 102). A 2007 study found that approximately a third of African-Americans in Philadelphia’s death row would receive life imprisonment if they were not of another race.

How other people see your race can also impact the intellectual abilities of an individual’s intellect (Omi Michael, Winant, 99).

A group of researchers in 1995 discovered that students who are black and white perform the same tasks when given “laboratory problem solving tasks”.

But they did not perform as well when asked to do the same job for a “measure” of intellectual ability.

According to the stereotype that all whites perform better, the black student’s performance was significantly lower than that of the white counterpart.

Even when socio-economic advantages are removed, it was found that race still impacts the society.

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