Continuation Of Pocahontas Paradox

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Discuss the Continuation of Pocahontas Paradox.



Halloween is an interesting holiday, which is celebrated each 31st December by both children and adults in America.

O’Dell (2016). Halloween is a night celebration that allows people to have fun, dress up in scary costumes, and people can enjoy the opportunity to be silly (O’Dell, 2016).

This is what makes American Halloween celebrations so interesting.

People wear scary masks at these celebrations to scare others or make them look like other people (Carter, Dart, 2015.

This day gives people aged over 60 the chance to become whatever they wish.

The American Halloween holiday celebrations are described in detail in this paper.

Sources and Criticism

Halloween was first recorded in American culture in the nineteenth-century, especially after the potato famine forced some Celtics farmers and their cultural practices from Ireland to move to the United States (Swanson (2015)).

This led to many changes in the festival. Animal skins were no longer used for dressing up and they were used instead to make costumes.

The Jack O’ Lanterns have replaced bonfires. However, most of the festival’s traditions have remained the same.

Halloween has grown to be a very popular American festival. The sales of cultural costumes is high and the main theme of movies and costumes is Halloween.

For those who wear masks or make-up, the uncertainty and power that masks bring is a form to power.

People would have to decide whether they wanted to receive a treat or trick at the beginning of Halloween’s cultural celebrations.

While masks may make one feel hidden, immigrants to the United States use masks and costumes in order to hide their true identities (Mir and al., 2016).

It also allows them to conceal the traditions of their homeland so they can adapt to the new culture.

Most people are uncomfortable with new things, especially if they feel different from others.

The Halloween celebrations in the United States remove the notion of individuality and uniqueness so that everyone appears to be from the same culture (Faruk, Mahmud 2016).

People who attempt to adapt to other cultures can display some social ignorance as they do so.

The American government and businesses are open as normal during Halloween celebrations. All public services operate as usual.

It is important to be aware that children may be walking on roads at night or wearing dark clothing, which makes them almost invisible.

Ferrier-Watson (2017) stated that American retailers use Halloween cultural events to collect money from participants.

To attract children, there are many Halloween displays in shops. This allows retailers to make huge sales.

American Halloween spend is dominated by costumes, make ups, greeting cards and decorations (Strielkowski (2014)).

Horror decorations are a popular part of Halloween celebrations in America (Troyer (2014)).

Americans believe Halloween celebrations are a way for them to pretend they’re better because of high unemployment rates.

Americans believe that Halloween cultural celebrations provide a one-year opportunity to have fun and forget about all their problems.

This holiday is the American’s first traditional holiday, much like the Celts.


Halloween cultural events take place in many parts of the world using different traditions and materials depending on the culture.

Americans have Halloween, which allows them to dress up as something they aren’t and thus make it fun.

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It seems that no cultural tradition involving death is safe.

The Conversation

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