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Write about Australia Today for AFL.



This paper is intended to provide an exact filed report on a specific event that was attended in recent times.

It is our goal to assess and identify the relevance of the match for contemporary society and everyday life.

This paper has chosen to report on the inaugural match of AFL, or Australian Rules Football (AFL).

The AFL match which is celebrating the 121st year of the competition of elite Australian Rules football was inaugurated on 23 March 2017, with the much-awaited team of Carlton and Richard (, 2017).

The paper will provide a brief history of AFL and explain the major details of the competition in order to make it richer and more detailed.

With the aid of observations and data gathered at the match, the report will focus on explaining and evaluating viewers’ experiences.

Finally, the report will evaluate the current significance of the AFL match in modern society and everyday life.


It is important to first note the key facts regarding the entire AFL series.

The 2017 Australian Football League season will mark the 121st year of the elite Australian Rules football competition.

It is worth noting that the match features 18 football teams, similar to previous seasons.

The season will start on Thursday 23 March 2017 and end with the Grand Final on Saturday 30 September 2017 ( 2017.

However, it is worth mentioning that the authority of AFL made some major changes to the 2017 season.

AFL 2017 season’s first amendment is that only the ruckman from each team can take part in the contest.

The law removes the possibility of a third man up strategy and gives the chance to any other participant in the contest.

The rule was designed to simplify adjudication and reduce injury to ruckman.

A second modification to AFL’s law was the introduction of a stricter interpretation for intentional rushed behind. This would allow each umpire to give priority to making distance from the goal line as well as applying pressure.

However, the match review panel has a stricter approach to the issue. It would permit suspension and fines for jumper punches. These would have low influence (Hecimovich and al.

It is necessary to mention that the AFL series 2017 leadership teams are: Adelaide, Carlton and Essendon.

The contest took place on 23 March between two of the traditional rivals -Richmond & Carlton.

The performance of club Richmond was disappointing. Club Carlton, however, has gone through a massive turnover since the end of the 2013 off-season.

Still, club Richmond has not performed as expected.

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It was one of most thrilling matches of the season. Richmond’s win has been praised for their off-season recruiting efforts.

As it was anticipated that Carlton might win, Richmond may lose. ( 2017).

The “Tigers”, Richmond, have displayed a tiger-like performance. It has been incredibly exciting.

It is safe to say that the Richmond players have roared MCG and compelled the attention of the audience.

Although the Tigers of Richmond club was dominant from the start, in the third quarter the Richmond players were outstripped by the Carlton boys.

As the game progressed, however, it was evident that the preparation of the Carlton boys did not stand up to the power of Tigers.

The Richmond boys beat the Blues by 43 points ( 2017.

After watching the Blues’ performance, it is clear that they lacked experience and that the Blues don’t care about repairing their shortcomings.

The performance of Dustin Martin and the Richmond is a clear indication that the Tigers are metaphorically reincarnating their names.

Martin’s revenge can be interpreted as Dustin Martin performing at MCG on 23/03/

Alex Rance was the game’s best defender, but he was defeated by one of Blue boys – Weitering. Weitering won seven marks with three goals ( 2017.

It is worth mentioning that the Carlton boys are not reluctant to praise their performance. However, Weitering has done nothing before Dustin Martin.

But it remains to be questioned whether Carlton’s performance has been flawless.

The Blues boys came together in a compact fashion to cut the 44-point gap and to direct 25 points at phase final. But, Dustin Martin’s manipulation proved futile.

AFL Today is Important

The unique context of Australian Rules football is crucial to recognize its potential impact on Australian society and culture.

The Australian Rules Football League has been praised for its impact on Australian literature and music (Robertson and al.

AFL’s influence on Australia’s modern society is evident in its impact on the younger generation. It is worth considering that AFL is responsible to shaping the dreams of the vast majority of Australia’s young generation.

It is a well-known fact that Australia’s society and people have a strong relationship with football. In fact, watching matches on a regular basis has become an annual ritual (Pitchford et. al.

AFL has the AFL teams as the most loyal and committed fans in professional football codes.

AFL is also known culturally as “Aussie Rules” due to the fact that AFL dominates the minds and hearts of the current generation (Hay, 2014).

AFL’s popularity in modern society is much higher than professional leagues like NRL, ARU, and FFA.

It’s because AFL is considered a possible national sport code and AFL is taught all over the country (Papalia 2015).

In this section, it should also be noted that AFL has a greater appeal to Australians than any other aspect of society.

AFL is also viewed as a ritual, and not just a game (Evans et. al.

AFL is not just a popular sport for young people. It is also a great source of income for the stadium owners.

AFL’s most important contribution to society in recent years has been its bravery in eradicating racial discrimination, sexual outburst, and crowd spitting ( 2017,).

The league also contributed to the nation’s employment by employing more then ten thousand people.


It can be seen that Richmond defeated Carlton in the inaugural match for AFL.

According to the report Weitering’s performance proves that Carlton’s boys gave their all, even though they were up against the Richmond players who had the power and preparation, it was futile.

According to the report, Carlton’s players have been defeated by Richmond players by 43 points.

The report finally revealed that the AFL has a significant position in the hearts of Australians today.

According to the report, AFL has employed more than ten million people across Australia and has reduced the amount of racial hatred and discrimination.


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We wouldn’t be where we are without AFL.

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