PubH 6333 Human Behavior

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Table of Contents

Learn how to improve self-control by using Learning Principles

You can complete this activity.

Psychologists have repeatedly shown that people can change their behavior by applying operant principles.

Identify the Behavior

A week of monitoring behavior

Positive reinforcements are documented

Social assistance listed

Progress reported



Understanding the human behavior is difficult. It requires a comprehensive understanding of all variables.

Impulsive behavior can be unpredictable and difficult to control in humans.

This paper will discuss impulsive behavior, discriminative stimuli, positive reinforces and how this behavior can be socially supported.

Impulsive Behavior

I have been aware for a while of how often my impulsivity is exhibited.

I tend to attempt tasks and assignments without understanding the instructions or the direction.

Impulsive behavior refers to an action that is taken or initiated without taking into account the outcomes, costs, and consequences. (Sharma, et al. 2004).

So, I’ve made it a point to carefully read any instructions before starting any task.

Baseline Measurement Of Impulsivity

I have been noticing how regrettable I feel when my actions cause a mishap.

Many times, I end up calling out the wrong answer in class. Also, I have trouble organizing my materials properly.

Impulsive behavior can cause serious harm to one’s family, friends and self (Bridge, et al. 2015).

In the last few days, my actions have led me into unintended difficulties with my teachers and my colleagues. I must take measures to improve my behavior.

Discriminative stimuli

Discriminative stimuli increase the likelihood that a response will occur.

It is a signal of the behavior-consequence relation.

Quick questions are usually unorganized for me. I often make hasty decisions and answer incorrectly.

To overcome this, I’ve decided to take my own time before answering any question.

These questions are then written down and analyzed to find the best answer.

Positive reinforcements are events which can increase the likelihood of an impulsive behavior occurring (Clark 2017).

The likelihood of impulsive behavior is increased by social activities like games.

Teasing, jeering and laughing increase my likelihood of responding in a positive manner.

Before engaging in any social function, it is important that I thoroughly analyze the situation and think about what I will do.

If I make mistakes, I ask my friends to be patient with and for me.

Progress towards changing the behavior

My behavior has improved slowly by listening to instructions and understanding the context before I answer or engage in a task.

I make fewer silly mistakes than I used to.

Even though I still sometimes make hasty choices, I have made an effort to give the correct answers.

I’ve been able to manage my anger and remorsefulness in the face of positive reinforcers as well as discriminative stimuli.

Simple Self-Monitoring to Change Your Behavior

It is important to identify the behavior you display and understand its manifestation in order to change it.

Personally, I have been able to analyze my behavior and can confirm that self-assessment helps with impulsive behavior.

It can be difficult to change behavior. However, it is possible with discipline and following an reinforcement schedule to change the behavior. You will eventually reach your goal.

Social Support Intervention

It is possible to learn and adopt impulse control, but patience is required.

To ensure individuals can control their impulses, they need social support.

My social support intervention was a huge help to me as they taught me many social skills like self-control, relaxation techniques and reinforcements of alternative behavior (Hamilton et. al., 2014).

The Most Effective Technique

Although I was taught many social skills by my support group, my self-discipline played an important role in my behavior improvement.

To be disciplined and stick to your reinforcement schedule, as well as to keep your decisions firm and consistent, it takes discipline.

I learned to be self-disciplined and read instructions carefully before starting any task.

Problems encountered in the Self-Regulation Process

Change is hard.

When I was taking too much time to analyse a task or question, I found that my answers were not fast enough. Consequently, all of my coworkers would give me their tasks.

I sometimes received criticisms that caused me to lose control and even engage in violent actions.

Also, it is difficult to exercise self-control and self-discipline.

Despite the difficulties, I was able to persevere through my journey to behavior change.

Social Support Team

My family, teachers, and friends were my greatest social support network.

Even though I was being harsh without thinking, they were always patient with me.

They taught me patience skills and gave me smaller tasks, one after the other.

These skills were not enough to help me improve my behavior.


The risk of taking adverse actions is higher when an individual is driven (Brodsky, et al. 2001).

However, it is possible for an individual to overcome impulsive behaviors by seeking out social support, self evaluation, self regulation, and self monitoring.


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