PSYC 212 Lifespan Development

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For three consecutive days, try to use these strategies.

Recall how the strategies helped to reduce stress.

In what ways did this assignment help to increase awareness of your stress patterns


The wellbeing of your health is one of the benefits that stress can provide.

I took the Perceived Stress Scale and scored 36. I found that I was unable to manage a lot of important issues.

For example, I realized that I was feeling a little out of control over the things around me in the past month and it was making it difficult to manage the important matters in my life.

I struggled to cope with all the little things that came up in my daily life. This made me even more stressed.

After taking the test, I found out that stress was the reason I couldn’t handle all the things I needed to.

This was very discouraging as I felt like I was powerless when it came to stress. It was a part my life that I had the ability to manage.

It was also clear that I became very anxious due to stress. This made it imperative for me to take steps to combat this vice.

This was because I wasn’t confident in my abilities to deal with my own problems and myself.

I also felt less able to control the constant irritations in my life, which made me feel even more powerless.

After taking the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Indicator I realized that I was indeed stressed.

This is because I scored 471.

This score indicates that I am in a very unhealthy state of mind and I need to take the time to reflect on it.

My scores are much lower than others.

This is due to the fact that I realized I am constantly stressed out and that this is not good news for my health.

While most people scored at least a 20, 19, or 150 points on their Perceived Stress Scales and an average score of at least 150 points on the Holes-Rahe Stress Inventory respectively, I was able to score an average 471 points.

This score raises the chances of scoring at least 80% in the above inventory.

In my stress journal, I discovered that the stressors I most often experience are work, money, eating, sleep, and bills. These were long-term stressors.

It is hard for me to balance my work and classes, which I found out makes work particularly stressful.

However, I cannot control this situation as I need to keep my job and go to school.

It is difficult to get enough sleep due to my commitments to work and classes. I also find it stressful to study and concentrate on my studies.

Stress is also responsible for my poor eating habits.

This also makes me feel more stressed as I find myself starving, but not hungry.

Stress is the main cause of this vice, I discovered.

Stress is affecting my health to a greater extent.

However, there are two strategies I believe could help. One is to take a long, calm walk. The other is to not let my thoughts get in the way.

After applying the above coping strategies, I feel that I can effectively manage my stress.

These strategies will be applied in the future to help me improve my health.

Since I became aware of my stress levels, I realized that it was crucial for me not to allow myself to become overwhelmed by major stressors.

I’ve also found that taking a walk on my own helps me to make changes in my life.

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